Kirstin P.

I sought treatment from Dr. Stanford Tack in early 2010 for long term, persistent and severe pain in my neck, shoulder, and right arm that had greatly affected my quality of life. A MRI determined I had a C5-6 herniation for which Dr. Tack prescribe non-invasive treatment including corticosteroid shots, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and gentle manipulation by a chiropractor. After many months of treatment without pain relief, I was offered the option of artificial disc replacement using a Prestige cervical disc replacement- in lieu of fusion surgery. I underwent surgery in December 2010, and upon waking could immediately tell my pain was gone! I was released from the hospital five hours after the surgery and found after three days could tolerate post-surgery discomfort with over-the-counter medications. I returned to the gym two weeks after surgery and work as s preschool teacher in less than three weeks. I am thrilled with my decision to opt for the Prestige disc replacement. I have full range of motion and have my quality of life back.